Beeches Martial Arts Instructors

April 20, 2016

Sensei Paul Taylor – Club Founder

Sensei Paul Taylor - Beeches Martial Arts Club Founder

Sensei Paul Taylor has been a practitioner in martial arts since 1975 when his father, after seeing how the world was changing, took his 5 sons to an Aikido club . The family later started to learn Judo.

Over the past 50 years sensei Paul has engaged in many different martial arts studying under many top class martial arts instructors including the late great professor Clive E. Taylor. Progressing through these different martial arts has helped and honed his skills. Deciding to specialise in Goshin Jitsu, Paul subsequently founding the Beeches Martial Arts System, concentrating on a real self defence system not just for people who are fit and healthy but for everyone to enjoy.

Professor Paul Taylor (Kyoshi) – Qualifications

  • 7th dan (Shishidan) Jujitsu
  • 6th dan B.A.D.F
  • 5th dan Judo IMASA/BSDF
  • 1st Kyu Aikido
  • Competition official B.J.A
  • N.V.Q Judo (Bilston college)
  • Jujitsu Coach W.J.J.C
  • Judo Club Coach B.J.A / A.M.A
  • Regional Martial Arts Coach A.M.A
  • Personal Safety Adviser B.I.A
  • Senior Club Coach Beeches Martial Arts
  • Treasurer of Reaside Community Centre

Professor Clive E Taylor, deceased

Clive Taylor

Clive was the most dedicated practitioner of martial arts I’ve ever had the privilege to work with in my 35 years of martial arts. He was the one true master with integrity and professionalism never getting involved with politics, and always showing full respect for all martial arts. He is sadly missed.

Professor Clive E Taylor – Qualifications

  • Over 40 years experience
  • 6th dan Goshin Jitsu
  • 6th dan BSDF
  • 4th dan Judo
  • 1st dan Aikido
  • Founder of CET Martial Arts
  • Founder member of AMA technical advisory committee
  • Goshin adviser to the BJA
  • Personal safety adviser
  • The only one I know who won 5 gold medals in one day.
  • The list goes on…

Professor Colin Whitaker

  • Colin is a well respected martial artist and well liked by all, practicing JuJitsu most of his 78 years.
  • He was president of the amateur martial association, and president of the world jujitsu council.
  • Colin is now running 3 x Tai Jitsu classes in the Leeds area.

Professor Colin Whitaker – Qualifications

  • 10th dan JuJitsu
  • 5th dan Judo
  • Tai Jitsu instructor with over 50 years martial arts experience and expertise

Sensie Leslie Davies

Leslie Davies

Les has been a practitioner and instructor in martial arts for over 60 years. I remember him as a young boy when I had the privilege to be taught by someone I looked up to as a God and still do. He has trained under some of the old masters and produced a few himself.  Again some one not into politics, possibly the reason for his grade over 60 years. But to me and many others no grade is needed, simply Sensie Les.

Leslie Davies – Qualifications

  • One of the founder members of Austin Judo Club
  • 6th dan Judo
  • 1st dan Kendo
  • 1st dan Goshin Jitsu
  • Personal safety adviser
  • BJA kata judge
  • Adviser BJA table official
  • Trained under many Japanese Masters.
  • Again the list goes on… I am humbled.

John Jeffery

John Jeffery - Chairman of the Beeches Martial Arts Club

John started Jujitsu in 2004 following spells of Judo and other martial arts.

He has been an asset to Beeches Martial Arts having organised many events. He has worked his way up to chairman of the Beeches Martial Arts Club plus head senior junior coach. A valuable and irreplaceable member of the club.


  • 5th dan Goshin Jitsu
  • 2nd dan Judo B.S.D.F / B.J.A
  • Senior Junior Coach B.S.D.F / A.M.A
  • 2nd Dan B.S.D.F
  • Competition official B.J.A

Philip Hudson


  • 6th Dan jujitsu
  • 5th Dan judo
  • Senior national and international BJA coach
  • Midland area squad coach/ grading officer
  • Beeches senior judo coach/ jujitsu coach
  • A very experienced martial artist

Linda Hudson


  • 2nd Dan jujitsu
  • 1st dan judo
  • 1st kyu aikido
  • Qualified judo/ jujitsu coach
  • With over 30 years experience
  • Women’s  self defence instructor

Bobby Knowls


  • 3rd dan jujitsu, over 10 years experience
  • Qualified jujitsu instructor
  • First aid/ safeguarding/ dbs checked
  • A great all round young man

Vicki Taylor

Vicki has been in martial arts for over 20 years and is a valuable member of the club. she works tirelessly as an official and student.


  • 4th dan jujitsu
  • 1st dan b s d f
  • Qualified club coach
  • Womens self defence instructor
  • Member of BMA self protection team
  • First aid trained
  • CRB checked
  • Qualified in child protection
  • Member of the bma committee

Keith Taylor

Keith is the son of professor Clive Taylor and has been involved with martial arts since he was a toddler. Keith is also a valuable member of the beeches martial arts club and works tirelessly with his students to produce the best.


  • 5th dan Goshin Jitsu
  • 1st dan Judo B.S.D.F
  • Jujitsu coach A.M.A / B.S.D.F
  • 2nd Dan B.S.D.F
  • Jujitsu Dan B.S.D.F
  • Jujitsu / Judo Coach C.M.

Lee Deeley

A respectful member with good traditional values and lots of respect.


  • Over 13 years martial arts experience
  • 4th Dan Jujitsu
  • 1st dan b s d f
  • Qualified club coach
  • First aid trained
  • CRB checked
  • Member of the club committee

Sensie John Rotheram

John has done many martial arts over his 76 years, but chose to specialize in Tai Chi, which he has owned his skills over the last 25 years. John has now has decided that after all that time, he just has enough knowledge to teach, a very welcoming man, who can put any one at ease.

Sensei Chris Handy


  • 2nd dan jujitsu
  • qualified jujitsu coach
  • over 4 years martial arts experience
  • DBS checked/ first aid trained
  • a very valuable member and coach

Sensei John Pickup


  • 3rd Dan Jujitsu
  • 10 years martial arts experience
  • qualified jujitsu coach
  • treasurer at grove m a
  • DBS checked/ first aid trained
  • a very valuable member of beeches coaching team

Sensei Dave King


  • 2nd dan jujitsu
  • working towards his coaching qualification
  • working towards his first aid training
  • DBS checked
  • trained very hard over the years bags of dedication,
  • part of the team of coaches at grove, and beeches as a whole

Kane Taylor


  • 2nd dan JuJitsu instructor for our Wythall club
  • Kane has been training since age 5, reaching his cadet black belt at 15 years
  • Junior leader. Now a qualified martial arts coach/child protection + DBS checked and first aider

John Dugmore


  • 1st Dan Jujitsu, 1st Dan Judo
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Level 2 fitness instructor
  • Advanced level 3 PT
  • Boxercise ins
  • Degree science in sports coaching
  • Technical grading level 1

Charlie Dugmore


  • 1st Dan Judo
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Leadership management level 3
  • Level 3 PT
  • Technical grading level 1
  • Matside coaching