Corporate Martial Arts Training

April 20, 2016

Birmingham Self Protection [ To Defend Within the Law ]

Our corporate martial arts training packages and private self defence courses are tailored for men and woman of all walks of life. We aim to teach students:

  • types of assault and how to respond
  • when you should use self defence and the law
  • the psychology of self defence
  • to be assertive and confident
  • avoiding confrontations and de-escalating situations
  • physical self defence techniques

We will cater for any time period to suit from 1-2 hour courses, half day, full day, weekends or even our 6 week course comprising of 1-2 hours a session, at your place of work or our specially equipped matted centre.

What courses do we offer

Courses on offer to any members or none members or from any club or organisation: Judo throw. Aikido, Kata, Self Defence, Jujitsu, Coaching, Table officials, Referee courses etc. We can also provide self defence courses tailored specifically to ladies.

Corporate Self Defence Classes

Our corporate self defence courses are designed specifically for businesses who would like to encourage confidence and promote team building, and above all feel safe in their work place, at home, in the car, and public transport.

Businesses that can benefit from our self defence courses include:

  • Shops
  • Stores
  • Care workers
  • Door security
  • Police
  • Health services
  • Military
  • The list goes on…

We offer real self defence support in our courses and martial arts training packages.

Private Self Defence Classes

For those who wish to have private tuition, we can offer 1-1 lessons or classes for small groupers of friends.

Ladies Martial Arts

We can also arrange self defence classes designed specifically for Woman’s groups, of all ages.