Kids Martial Arts

April 20, 2016

Childrens Self Defence Classes

Beeches Martial Arts provides kids martial arts and children’s self defence classes in and around Birmingham for students of 13 years and below. Junior martial arts classes are a fun way of learning for kids.

We play specially designed games to get them used to reacting, speed, and teamwork, all of which are key skills when learning martial arts in the form of Jujitsu. All the games are designed to aid in the long road to achieving a black belt, plus gaining integrity, honour, respect and of course techniques in self defence.

When having fun we find children work harder and learn quicker.

Children’s Martial Arts Syllabus:

  • Derence – Holds
  • Sword Defences
  • Kata
  • Stick Defences
  • Gun Defences
  • Contests
  • Throws
  • Arm Locks
  • Cosh Defences
  • Strangles

and many, many more….


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